The X Factor

Series 10 - Episode 9



And so we arrive at boot camp, where the crowds of contestants usually try to stand out in crazy DayGlo outfits or by displaying ramped-up versions of their personality. And a few just try to sing really, really well.

There’s a twist this year, one that Louis Walsh told RT made picking the six acts in each category so tough. There are six chairs and if a contestant impresses, he or she takes a seat. But if someone better comes along, they may be sent home. So, a cruel version of musical chairs is played out in front of a massive audience, who are as vocal as Romans watching gladiators slaughter each other. The games continue tomorrow.


The singers who impressed at the double auditions now face a tougher challenge as they gather at Wembley Arena for the first part of boot camp. After the judges' categories are revealed earlier than usual in a surprise twist, only the best will survive the cull as Gary Barlow, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh put the remaining hopefuls through their paces with group challenges and a further make-or-break performance. Dermot O'Leary presents.
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