By Any Means

Series 1 - Episode 1



There’s a tough guy with a soft centre who has a Wounded Soul, a smart, wise-cracking woman and a young puppy of a computer nerd who can do anything with a keyboard. They work under the radar, in a dark, abandoned building catching bad guys that the law can’t tame. Are they cops? “It’s a grey area,” we are told, more than once. They catch these bad guys “by any means”, which we are also told more than once.

Every second of By Any Means is ridiculous, yet it’s well done and strangely likeable, a noisy brew of Hustle and Spooks with a dash of Charlie’s Angels. The trio’s boss Jack Quinn (Warren Brown) takes direction from Helen Barlow (Gina McKee), who is something important but we don’t know what. In the first episode she wants murdering thug Nicholas Mason (Keith Allen) behind bars. The trio aim to get him, yes, "by any means".


Thriller following a secretive unit that operates in the grey area between right and wrong, staying one step ahead of the criminals in an effort to bring them to justice. Crooked businessman Nicholas Mason is acquitted of murder - the latest in a string of crimes from which he has walked away scot-free - so Helen Barlow calls on her clandestine team to bring him to justice. However, the job is made more difficult when the trio - sharp and enigmatic leader Jack, straight-talking Jessica and techno-whizz TomTom - discover that their quarry is being fed information by a police officer. Can they identify the mole and catch their man red-handed? Warren Brown, Shelley Conn and Andrew-Lee Potts star, with Gina McKee and Keith Allen.

Cast & Crew

Jack Quinn Warren Brown
Jessica Jones Shelley Conn
Thomas `TomTom' Tomkins Andrew-Lee Potts
Charlie O'Brien Elliot Knight
Nicholas Mason Keith Allen
Paul Hollander Martin Jarvis
Raymond Nash Richard Lumsden
DI Matthew Dixon Paul Thornley
Helen Barlow Gina McKee
Stan Bond John Henshaw
Miss Cummings Bessie Cursons
Frank Reed Jordan Long
Carl Warden Andy Beckwith
Karen Mason Jessica Ellerby
Anthony Cummings John Webber
Mrs Cummings Barbara Drennan
Michael Prence James Norton
Judge Hall Gregory Floy
DS Chris Henney Ben Cartwright
Jason Turner Josef Altin
Simon Enstone Grahame Fox
Child Bradley Ford
Director Charles Palmer
Producer Tim Key
Writer Tony Jordan
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