Educating Yorkshire

Educating Yorkshire

Series 1 - Episode 4



Described by Mr Mitchell as the most urgent year in school, Year 11 is when Thornhill’s pupils face exams, and time runs out to help them prepare for adult life. Kids here want to be everything from electricians and midwives to fashion journalists and politicians, and while the staff are committed to supporting them, there’s only so much they can do. Safiyyah needs a C in English to pursue her dream of becoming an air hostess, and the tension of revision damages her friendship with Hadiqa. There’s a welter of bitchiness and bad feeling in the lunch hall, but head of year Mrs Crowther knows how to offer the kids sanctuary and space.


The documentary follows the school lives of an unlikely pair of best friends - the irrepressibly chatty Safiyyah, who dreams of a career as a flight attendant, and gifted student Hadiqa, who has her sights set on becoming prime minister. As their exams approach, a crisis in the girls' friendship threatens to derail their plans for the future and cause major upset.

Cast & Crew

Director Grace Reynolds
Director David Brindley
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Producer Grace Reynolds
Series Producer David Brindley
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