Super Giant Animals


If you were within thumping distance of a pair of two-ton fighting elephant seals, a bite of a colossal great white shark or a snap of a 4m-long Nile crocodile, you’d probably get a bit agitated. So you have to forgive Steve Backshall for the note of hysteria that occasionally creeps into his voice as he gets up (a bit too) close to some of the world’s biggest animals.

Although many of these animal titans are ferocious killing machines (and there’s some spectacular footage of a Burmese python swallowing an alligator and an elephant seal battering a pick-up truck) this isn’t simply melodramatic scaremongering. The permanently exuberant Backshall’s aim is to explain why some creatures have evolved to such leviathan proportions and what the advantages (and disadvantages) are to being the biggest kid on the block.


Steve Backshall travels across the world to encounter the largest animals he can find and discover the remarkable things their size enables them to do. Highlights include Steve swimming with Nile crocodiles in Botswana, dodging two-ton elephant seals in California and diving with sperm whales in the Caribbean.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Backshall
Director Matthew Wright
Executive Producer Gavin Henderson
Producer Matthew Wright