The Fried Chicken Shop

The Fried Chicken Shop

Series 1 - Episode 2



More exquisitely framed snapshots of south London life. Like 24 Hours in A&E, this series has the knack of capturing revealing encounters and laugh-out-loud moments – all in the few square yards of wipe-clean surfaces and padded stools at Roosters Spot takeaway in Clapham.

In this episode we meet rowdy posh girls on the pull (“They’ve got to have bant. If they don’t have banter they can jog on”); a gay couple have a drunken heart-to-heart; and challenged on his lack of talent, one customer protests to his friend, "I've got GCSEs... I could be a matholologist." Somewhere buried amid the flirting, near-fights and discussions of racial slurs there’s a message about a multifarious city and what it takes to get along.


The documentary follows the stories of more people working at a popular takeaway in Clapham, south London, including shop manager Zahid, who has left his family behind in Pakistan so he can fulfil his dreams and provide for their future. Meanwhile, friendships are formed between customers from all walks of life, and a new couple declare their undying love for each other.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucy Cohen
Executive Producer Hannah Wyatt
Producer Lucy Cohen
Series Producer Yonni Usiskin