Educating Yorkshire

Educating Yorkshire

Series 1 - Episode 3



In the same way as they can disrupt a class, troublesome students have distracted this series. It might as well be called Schoolkids Behaving Badly or When Good Students Go Bad. After a while, watching the patient Mr Mitchell and his staff deal with naughty kids can get wearing.

The dynamic is repeated: teachers don’t want to exclude X (this week’s charming reprobates are Robbie-Joe and Tom) so they do everything they can to fix their behaviour with stern chats in the headteacher’s office; meanwhile the cameras capture X swearing, tossing a can over his shoulder or ruining lessons. There are well-observed and poignant moments, but it could be time for the series to vary the curriculum.


The documentary focuses on two very similar boys - one nearing his final year at Thornhill Community Academy and another who's just starting out at secondary school. As Tom approaches his GCSEs, his behaviour is beginning to cause concern, while Robbie-Joe's constant chatter seems harmless, but his teachers are worried it's a sign of more serious things to come. The programme follows the staff's attempts to steer these pupils in the right direction.

Cast & Crew

Director Grace Reynolds
Director David Brindley
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Producer Grace Reynolds
Series Producer David Brindley
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