The Three Day Nanny

The Three Day Nanny

Series 1 - Episode 1



Firm but kind and distinctively clad in Poppins-lite attire, Kathryn Mewes looks as if she’s got “nanny” written through her bones. If three-year-old twins Alfie and Harry carry on with her high-risk approach to crudité-making, we might get to see it in cross-section.

Mewes’s approach is to stay with a troubled family for three days, during which time she helps children grow up and parents step back – hence the chilling adventures in celery-chopping. She’s a natural successor to Supernanny and, though the tone of this show is less hysterical, the Rogers family do need help.

Alfie and Harry are sweet-looking children whose interests include running off in the supermarket, fighting, not eating and screaming – the neighbours once complained about the noise, leading to a humiliating visit from the police. But if the kids are going to change, parents Susan and James need to, too.


Professional childminder Kathryn Mewes has more than 20 years' experience looking after youngsters and has developed her own methods to help families struggling with badly behaved kids. In this series, she moves in with desperate parents for three days to tackle a range of issues, from fussy eating to tantrums and sleepless nights. She begins in East Grinstead, West Sussex, where Susan and James Rogers are having trouble with their three-year-old twins Alfie and Harry.