Who Do You Think You Are?

Marianne Faithfull

Series 10 - Episode 9 Marianne Faithfull



As someone around whom myths and stories swirled for years, Marianne Faithfull understands the power of tales told. Her mother Eva did, too, repeating to the young Marianne extraordinary and horrific stories about her family’s experiences in wartime Europe.

Now, with historians at her disposal, Faithfull can separate the fantasy from the reality, and a colourful and tragic picture emerges. Half-Jewish, Eva was a dancer in Berlin at the height of the Weimar cabaret scene, performing risqué and highly political acts in one of the best theatres in town. Between those decadent years and the 1960s, when she felt disgraced by her daughter, the influence of the Nazis and then the liberating Red Army caused Eva great and lasting damage.

No matter how many times they’re repeated, the facts about this period in time still have the power to shock.


Singer and actress Marianne Faithfull tries to learn more about her mother Eva, with whom she had a difficult relationship, and investigates her parent's early life as a dancer in 1920s Berlin - the era immortalised in the classic movie Cabaret. She also finds out about her mother's experiences in Vienna during the Second World War, and explores the rumour that her family was involved in the Austrian resistance.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Marianne Faithfull
Narrator Cherie Lunghi
Director Elizabeth Dobson
Series Producer Colette Flight