Bombing Berlin

Bombing Berlin


On the night of 3 September 1943 a two-man radio crew from the BBC flew in a bombing raid over Berlin. The reporter was Wynford Vaughan-Thomas and his vivid, almost painterly descriptions of what he saw are played out here, 70 years later.

The current BBC Berlin correspondent, Stephen Evans, puts these recordings in context, with particularly heart-rending contributions from a writer called Karin Finell who was only 11  years old when the bombs hit her home city. The image of her mother stumbling from their burning house clutching her teddy bear is as powerful as Vaughan-Thomas’s commentary from the plane.


Stephen Evans, the BBC's Berlin correspondent, revisits the landmark dispatch made by wartime journalist Wynford Vaughan-Thomas while on board a Lancaster Bomber during an attack on the German capital in 1943. The report came about after the RAF contacted the BBC offering to allow a two-man radio team to accompany pilots on a raid, and archive recordings provide an insight into Vaughan-Thomas's memories of the mission.