Drama Matters: The Last Witch

Series 1 - Episode 4 Drama Matters: The Last Witch



Katherine Kelly stars as an unquiet soul in Sally Wainwright’s creepy tale of diabolical suburbia, part of Sky Living’s women-centric Drama Matters strand.

Kelly is Alice, hobbling and nervously clicking on a ballpoint pen, who turns up, apparently randomly, on the Halifax doorstep of nice middle-class pensioner Miranda (Anne Reid).

But Alice, who knows some very personal details about the relationship between the Brontë sisters, details she could know only if she’d been around at the time, comes with some sinister baggage. Meanwhile, a man’s body’s found on a nearby moor, his innards removed and his eyes pecked out.

Wainwright is second to none when it comes to crafting a tale, and though The Last Witch well out of her usual orbit, it’s intriguing and atmospheric.


Katherine Kelly and Anne Reid star in a one-off supernatural thriller written by Sally Wainwright. Five hundred years ago, a woman was doomed to walk the earth for ever after a curse was placed upon her by the sister she murdered, and now she finds herself homeless in the modern world. She is taken in by a landlady and her lodger, and all is well until her sibling's spirit is disturbed - awakening a centuries-old rivalry that engulfs the entrire community. With James Thornton and Maimie McCoy.