Series 1 - Episode 1



Remember how Boys from the Blackstuff took a group of characters who worked together, then devoted an episode to each of them going through a crisis? This takes a similar tack with long-distance lorry drivers, starting with Stephen Tompkinson as Malachi, a divorced driver who can’t accept his marriage is really over.

In the opening scene, he arrives home and finds his ex-wife having culinary phone sex with her new boyfriend. When she refuses to put him up for the night, it sets off a bizarre breakdown in Mal involving spray tan, botox, viagra, a woman half his age and a Duel-style chase through Nottingham.

The trouble is, none of it makes a lot of sense, and the long, colourful speeches that writer William Ivory gives Tompkinson can’t save the drama from clattering oddness.


New series. Drama about a haulage company in Nottingham, with each episode focusing on a different member of the team as he or she undergoes a life-changing journey. Malachi (Stephen Tompkinson) is struggling to accept his marriage is over - after all, he and his ex-wife still live together, even though she has a new fiance. But when he interrupts them having culinary-themed phone sex, it becomes clear he has to move on, so son and fellow trucker Glen sets about helping his desperate dad turn his life around. Meanwhile, at the yard, boss Martin has installed an advanced new system and revised rosters - and no one is happy. Harry Treadaway, Ashley Walters and Sian Breckin co-star.