Women Behind Bars

Women Behind Bars

Series 1



Most of the women in Rockville Prison whom Trevor McDonald interviews describe their crimes with astonishing detachment.

“He ended up being shot,” says Kianna who at the age of 19 shot someone in the face during a robbery, but makes it sound as though she wasn’t even there.

Only a few show remorse although the stories are extraordinary and disturbing: Dawn killed her three-month-old baby, 54-year-old Cindy (“My life is in a box”) has served 38 years of a life sentence for killing six people in a fire while Linda, now 64, escaped from prison in 1972 and spent 30 years on the run before being captured and locked up again.


Part two of two. Trevor McDonald meets more inmates inside two of Indiana's most dangerous women's prisons. Among them are Dawn Hopkins, who was sentenced to life for murdering her three-month-old son, and Sarah `Cindy' White, who was incarcerated as a teenager and will spend the rest of her life behind bars. The journalist also hears the remarkable story of Linda Darby who, after escaping from jail in 1972, spent the next 35 years on the run - before the law finally caught up with her.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Trevor McDonald
Director Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Lisa Keane