Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy

Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy

Series 1 - Episode 1



Actor Tom Hardy loves animals but rather than make a glossy celebrity wildlife doc he’s highlighting the devastating effect of poaching in Africa. Hardy throws himself into the subject in a serious but unpretentious way. Travelling to Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa, he meets rangers, farmers, conservationists and journalists to ask simple questions just as you or I would. He also swears a bit, which we all might do when invited to feed oranges to a massive wild elephant or pat its huge belly.


The facts and horrendous pictures of slaughtered rhinos and elephants speak for themselves, though. More than 600 rhinos were shot by poachers in 2012 because their horns are more valuable than gold. “It’s a helluva price to have on your head,” sighs Hardy who also talks to locals who have understandably been tempted to turn poacher because of financial rewards. Watch out for the most extraordinary scene when Hardy becomes the quarry for a herd of elephants trained to track poachers.



Part one of two. Bafta award-winning actor Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) travels to Africa to uncover the truth about why the poaching of elephants and rhinos has reached crisis point. He begins his journey in South Africa, where he meets people who are trying to save rhinos using a variety of different techniques, including the implementation of anti-poaching organisations and the more controversial approach of dehorning. These individuals provide an insight into the illicit trade.