Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed the World

Hitler's Frozen Army

Series 1 - Episode 1 Hitler's Frozen Army



The first in a series of programmes looking at major crises that shaped history focuses on Operation Typhoon, Hitler’s plan to invade Russia in 1941. Using historians such as Andrew Roberts together with documentary footage and surprisingly well-produced reconstructions, it provides a grim overview of what became the Battle of Moscow, a German blitzkrieg attack that became bogged down by “rasputitsa” (autumn mud), freezing cold and the sheer tenacity of Soviet troops. Seven million troops were involved in one of the largest battles in history – but a more human dimension is provided by researchers, who identify the remains of one Soviet soldier buried deep in a forest.


A look at how natural disasters have shaped history, exploring the devastating effects of the severe Russian winter of 1941-42 on the German army.