Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well


Series 1 - Episode 5 Frying



Deep-fried fish skins sound as appetising as a battered Mars bar to me but Raymond Blanc’s pretty enthusiastic about the former when he tastes them in a Michelin-starred restaurant. He’s demonstrating the art of frying: everything from simple dishes, such as pork chops with sauté potatoes, to more unusual and delicate ones, such as tempura flowers and garden vegetables.

After all that sizzling and caramelising of savoury dishes, he finishes with an indulgent dessert of pan-fried soufflé served on a crêpe that’s been drenched in a tipsy orange butter sauce. Oh là là, as he is wont to say.


The chef gives a masterclass in frying, a quick technique he feels gives food a wonderful flavour, colour and texture. He starts by cooking the French favourite of pan-fried pork chop with saute potatoes, and then conjures up a surprising stir-fried salad as an alternative to the usual summer staple. For dessert, Raymond prepares pan-fried Grand Marnier souffle with orange sauce.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Raymond Blanc
Executive Producer Alan Brown
Executive Producer Charlotte Reid