The Gestapo Minutes

The Gestapo Minutes


Another play from Adam Ganz, who brought us the wonderful Listening to the Generals in 2009 on what happened when 87 captured Nazi generals were put under the secret surveillance of Jewish refugees at a mansion in north London.

This time he sets the drama in Mainz, just after the War has finished. Michel Oppenheim, a Jewish lawyer, has escaped the death camps because he was married to an Aryan woman. But he and his wife have seen their home destroyed, their possessions confiscated and family members killed. “All that I have left now is my integrity,” declares Michel, but will he be willing to lose that as well?

This is the key question, for he must decide whether to write a life-saving testimonial for his former Gestapo boss, played by Ed Stoppard.


By Adam Ganz. At the end of the war, lawyer Michel Oppenheim, once head of the Jewish community in Mainz under the Nazis, must decide whether to help Schwoerer, the Gestapo officer who used him as an office functionary during his captivity. Schwoerer begs him for a testimonial, which could save him from a war crimes trial and execution. Oppenheim considers the options, aware that the minutes of their past meetings - the proof of so much horror and humiliation - still survive. Starring Ed Stoppard, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Robin Lustig.