Series 1 - Episode 1 Blyth



Here’s another faintly depressing-sounding series about Britain’s determination to get hammered every weekend. We see the full horror of a country on the “lash” from the perspective of its pub and nightclub door staff, the men and women who have to wade in to stop trouble. The series is filmed in Essex and the North East of England. In Blyth, Northumberland, we meet Shaun, a newcomer to the town who works on the door of a popular pub. He isn’t a man who’ll stand for any nonsense. Meanwhile, in the rather nice Newcastle suburb of Jesmond, ex-paratrooper Jim wades in when two groups of yelling women fight over who bagged a table first.


An insight into the work of door staff at bars and clubs in Essex and the north-east of England. The first programme meets 44-year-old Shaun, whose zero-tolerance approach is taking some of the locals by surprise in Blyth, Northumberland, while in Newcastle's fashionable neighbourhood of Jesmond, former paratrooper Jim Rennick has to step in when tempers flare between two groups of women.

Cast & Crew

Director Sam Roubicek
Executive Producer Liesel Evans
Producer Sam Roubicek