Big Bad World

Series 1 - Episode 2



Hapless graduate Ben gets unpaid work as a trainee bartender in episode two of Comedy Central's flagship sitcom. His mission to prise ex-girlfriend Lucy away from her terrifyingly passive-aggressive fiancé isn't going well. And in a narrative mirroring the superior Spaced, Ben is blithely unaware that he'd be much better off hooking up with his "kooky" confidante, Beth.

Despite being marred by some unnecessarily post-Partridge moments, Big Bad World sparks into life when it stops trying too hard and forges its own path. Ben and Beth are easy to warm to, while Scarlett Johnson expertly cuts a diabolically fluffy figure as femme fatale Lucy.


Ben gets a job in a local pub as part of an unpaid graduate scheme, and continues his bid to win back the heart of ex-girlfriend Lucy.