Let the Rivalries Begin

Series 1 - Episode 1 Let the Rivalries Begin



Texas has more junked cars than anywhere else in the US. Southern autoshops specialise in “flipping” such cars: buying them at auction, sprucing them up and selling them on. Teams get only ten minutes to inspect the vehicles before bidding, and they’re forbidden from starting the engine. Thus the auctions are vaguely surreal, with the auctioneer rattling off figures like a revving dragster, and mechanics sniffing engines to work out if they’ve been driven recently.

Afterwards the cars are towed back to the team’s garages, ranging from flashy youngsters to backyard bodgers. With profit margins so small, every smashed headlight counts. The work is impressive, but when you see a family drive away in a former rustbucket, you’ll hope they did more than kick the wheels.


Four Texan garages go head to head at an auction in Austin, and hope to find something worth bidding for.