Dragons' Den

Series 11 - Episode 3



I’m sure I wasn’t the only person rocked by Evan Davis’s recent admission to Radio Times that his role in Dragons’ Den was so tacked-on he had never, in all her time on the programme, met Hilary Devey. Talk about letting daylight in on the magic! I had assumed Davis and the Dragons milled around between recordings in that industrial warehouse place (probably a soulless studio in fact), shooting the breeze, discussing issues of the day, joking about pitches gone wrong. But no, they never meet!

Next they’ll be telling us those bundles of cash on the Dragons’ tables are fake. This episode's supplicants (in what is shaping up as an excellent series) include a magazine publisher and a trio of former admen.


More aspiring entrepreneurs bid to win funding for their projects from the panel. A youthful publisher proposes a business strategy that goes against magazine industry trends, while three former ad men turn the tables by putting some tough questions to the Dragons. Evan Davis presents.