Louis CK: Oh My God

Louis CK: Oh My God
Tomorrow 10:50pm - 12:05am Sky Atlantic


Louis CK is the best stand-up comedian in America right now, if you can take him. He swears like a scaffolder, but it's his view of humanity that will be too much for some viewers: he sees men as disgusting, evasive schlubs, with himself a particularly hopeless example, and women as mad for associating with us. So there's a routine here, for example, about how miraculous it is that any woman ever says yes to a date. You might as well get in a car with a bear and hope for the best.

Admit to yourself that CK is telling the truth, however, and there are deeply cathartic laughs to be had in his observations about parenting, divorce and ageing. He's a supreme performer, too, breaking his set down into perfectly turned five-minute blasts that have made him a YouTube superstar.


The Emmy award-winning American comedian takes to the stage at the in-the-round Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, discussing topics including the food chain, animals, the joy of divorce, first dates, slavery and the perks of being alive.

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