What Remains

Series 1 - Episode 1



Number eight Coulthard Street looks like any big, blocky anonymous house in any crowded city. Inside, its gloomy exterior is divided into flats. One day a young couple move in, but there’s a leak coming from the attic. When they investigate, they discover the mummified corpse of a young woman.

Tony Basgallop’s sinuous, melancholy drama is as much an investigation into modern urban loneliness as it is a murder-mystery. The dead woman, Melissa, was a resident whose body had lain, undiscovered by her neighbours, for years. No one had missed her, Melissa (Jessica Gunning) had simply fallen through the cracks; no friends, no family, just her, living alone in her flat, surrounded by indifference. Apart from Det Insp Len Harper (David Threlfall). It’s his final days at work before retirement, but he can’t let Melissa go.


When a couple move into their new home to prepare for the arrival of their first baby, a leak dripping through the ceiling leads to a shocking discovery - a decomposed body in the loft of the flat above them. According to Michael and Vidya's neighbours, no one has lived there for years and the previous occupant, Melissa, hasn't been seen for some time. DI Len Harper sets out to make his last week before retirement count for something by investigating the case, despite a lack of support from his colleagues, and tries to uncover the secrets of those living in the building. Murder mystery, starring David Threlfall (Shameless), with Russell Tovey, David Bamber, Steven Mackintosh, Indira Varma, Alexander Arnold and Claudie Blakley.

Cast & Crew

Len Harper David Threlfall
Adam Moss Alexander Arnold
Joe Sellers David Bamber
Patricia Claudie Blakley
Richard Webb Michael Colgan
Liz Fletcher Denise Gough
Melissa Young Jessica Gunning
Peggy Scott Victoria Hamilton
Kieron Moss Steven Mackintosh
Alice Yapp Lisa Millett
Vidya Khan Amber Rose Revah
Michael Jenson Russell Tovey
Elaine Markham Indira Varma
Peri Martha Mackintosh
DCI Burrows Terence Beesley
Helen Sarah Malin
Jerry Harper Daniel Godward
Bill Halcombe Paul Chahidi
Alex Harper Ziggy Heath
Director Coky Giedroyc
Producer Grainne Marmion
Writer Tony Basgallop
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