Psychoville 2

Series 2



Tealeaf and Peter Bishop join forces to solve the mystery of the locket, but as danger mounts, things do not go to plan. Mr Jelly once again takes on Mr Jolly's role, with unexpected results. Comedy thriller, starring Daniel Kaluuya.

Cast & Crew

Mr Jelly/Maureen Sowerbutts/Jeremy Goode Reece Shearsmith
The Silent Singer Reece Shearsmith
Mrs Wren Vilma Hollingbery
David Sowerbutts/Hattie Steve Pemberton
Policeman Marcus Garvey
Det Finney Mark Bonnar
Edwina Kenchington Eileen Atkins
Peter Bishop Jason Watkins
Tealeaf Daniel Kaluuya
Debbie Hart Daisy Haggard
Shahrouz Elyes Gabel
Photographer Dan Tetsell
Chris Tom Andrews
Fiona Katherine Parkinson
Governor April Wood
Dr Flint David Cann
Kelvin Daniel Ings
Grace Andrews Imelda Staunton
Director Matt Lipsey
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Reece Shearsmith
Writer Steve Pemberton
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Drama Comedy