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Little Naish

Series 3 - Episode 2 Little Naish

Today 1:45pm - 2:45pm BBC Two (not Wales)


Caroline Quentin thinks Little Naish in north Somerset, a tumbledown, turreted Gothic delight, is somewhere she could envisage Rapunzel letting down her hair.

She’s right: from the outside it’s a glorious, even frivolous-looking delicacy, surrounded by the most gorgeous huge gardens. But inside it’s a mess, after being left empty
for 24 years. Its stonework and plaster have crumbled, but retired couple Peter and Anne hope to love Little Naish back to life again.

You will wish them only the very best because this is set to be a cathartic project for Anne, whose life has been blighted by a bereavement. Inevitably there are problems along the way, including a really mean and bitter blow, but they are a level-headed couple, and despite what Peter describes as a “what have we done?” moment, they hold fast to their dream.


Caroline Quentin follows the fortunes of retired couple Peter and Anne Hills as they renovate Little Naish, a Victorian gardener's cottage in Clapton in Gordano, Somerset. The Grade II-listed gothic tower has been empty for almost a quarter of a century, the stonework is crumbling, rot is eating the wood and the plaster is beyond repair. A series of unforeseen structural issues starts to eat into the budget, but evidence emerges that the building has a far richer historic pedigree than anyone imagined.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Caroline Quentin
Executive Producer Annette Clarke
Series Editor Joff Wilson