University Challenge

University Challenge

Series 20 - Episode 1



In quizzing households a special welcome is reserved for the early stages of a new run of UC. A lack of familiarity with the teams and their quirks is more than made up for by easier questions in the opening matches. As the series progresses, all eyes will be on the new Manchester team, who have a lot to live up to after their predecessors retained the title earlier this year and gave Manchester its third win since 2006.

In this opener, it’s Scotland versus Northern Ireland as representatives of the University of Aberdeen’s student body go up against Queen’s University Belfast. Who will be first to be blooded with a dab of the notorious Paxman scorn?


Jeremy Paxman returns to ask the questions in the student quiz, with the opening match of the competition pitting four students from the University of Aberdeen against a team from Queen's University Belfast.