Harbour Lives

Series 1 - Episode 5



Ben Fogle is out fishing again with restaurateur “Pete the Prawn” who, as well as being famous for catching prawns, harvests oysters using a Heath Robinson contraption called an eco-harvester.

While Ben enjoys sampling the day’s catch, then watching the busy harbour master and his team as they monitor the 8,000 journeys made every day through Poole Harbour, he doesn’t attend the opening of the newly restored Bottle Inn in nearby Marchwood. Perhaps it’s because owners Chrissie and Nigel have reinstated the traditional nettle-eating contest. “It’s like eating Shredded Wheat,” says nettle-nosher Andy – except it also ferments in the stomach, making some competitors very nauseous indeed.


Ben Fogle goes on an early-morning fishing trip with restaurateur Pete Miles and heads to the village of Marshwood, where Nigel and Chrissie Blake are planning to reopen the 500-year-old Bottle Inn pub in time to host one of Dorset's strangest competitions - a nettle-eating contest. He also joins Poole harbour master Brian Murphy in the control tower from which he oversees the passage of the vessels using Britain's largest natural port.