Dynamo: Magician Impossible

New York

Series 3 - Episode 1 New York

Saturday 6pm - 7pm W


It sounds strange, but there’s something oddly moving about watching the wondrously talented Dynamo (Steven Frayne) performing the impossible in front of gawping, baffled onlookers.

He does a great trick in Times Square at the end of the first episode in a new series, when he lopes around the streets of New York, performing illusions in front of speechless “victims”. Yet he is always so good-natured and it’s all about fun, and joy, as Dynamo isn’t a man to take himself too seriously. At a news stand he performs an illusion with a magazine advert in front of our eyes that simply cannot be possible. Certainly the man who’s bought the magazine for him just can’t grasp what’s happened, as he yells, “Get the hell outta here!”

Try to convince me that isn’t pure magic, something that is not of this world. I won’t believe you.


The street magician heads to New York, only to find himself caught up in the backlash from Hurricane Sandy.

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