Burger Van Champion

Series 8 - Episode 2 Burger Van Champion



There are glimpses of something dramatically interesting in the latest half-hour one-off. The story feels a bit obvious in the way it unfolds but it makes us feel for its heroine. Denise is a shy, pasty teenager who is celebrated as the local speed-eating champion. But it’s a humiliating business, and at home her mother (a horribly good turn from Joanna Scanlan) also takes advantage of Denise’s good nature. A competition in America offers a possible way out. It’s a greasy metaphor for every degrading talent-show shortcut to fame. Will Denise go for it?


Denise, the `mega mouthful champion' at Mike's burger van, has had a crush on Tom for as long as she can remember. So when he suggests she enter an eating competition in America, she hopes this could be her chance to win his heart. Drama written by TV presenter Rick Edwards, starring Jessie Cave, Will Merrick, Ricky Grover and Joanna Scanlan.