Yes, Prime Minister

A Conflict of Interest

Series 2 - Episode 4 A Conflict of Interest

Tomorrow 7:40am - 8:20am GOLD


Admitting that you love repeats of old comedy shows probably isn’t very sound. After all, where is the new stuff and why does BBC2 keep congratulating itself for being so marvellous simply because it’s got old? We’ve all been there and birthday parties don’t usually last this long.

But… pah! When the shows are as good as this, who cares? Neither does it matter that we’ve probably all seen them a squillion times before, thanks to the miracle of box sets. So cuddle up in a warm bath of nostalgia as we enjoy once more Yes, Prime Minister from 1987, where Jim Hacker (Paul Eddington) hears of a big financial scandal.


Jim gets wind of a major financial scandal in the City that is bound to have damaging repercussions for the government. With the party conference looming, he decides it's time for him to take swift and firm action - but Sir Humphrey has other ideas. Political comedy first broadcast in 1987, starring Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne.

Cast & Crew

Jim Hacker Paul Eddington
Sir Humphrey Appleby Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Woolley Derek Fowlds
Dorothy Wainwright Deborah Norton
Sir Frank Gordon Peter Cellier
Sir Desmond Glazebrook Richard Vernon
Burandan high commissioner Louis Mahoney
Secretary Miranda Forbes
Director Sydney Lotterby
Writer Antony Jay
Writer Jonathan Lynn
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