Rick Stein's India

Madurai and Kerala

Series 1 - Episode 3 Madurai and Kerala



Rick Stein arrives in Madurai, southern India, on the latest leg of his quest to find the world’s finest curry. He arrives at the city’s cavernous temple and heads to the kitchen, which feeds hundreds of queuing visitors every day at massive, sit-down, fundraising meals. It’s a huge, bustling, unsurprisingly steamy place, full of wood fires and massive cooking pots. Stein joyfully reads a sign on the wall: “Before you go in search of God, go in search of food.” Oh yes indeed. In his lovely waterside kitchen he makes small, sweet ice-cream pots flavoured with cardamom seeds before visiting a chef who makes a fabled mutton curry that has to be simmered for four hours.

Then he’s back out in the sweaty hubbub tasting yet more street food from banana leaves and trying to get the hang of eating messy rice and sauces with his fingers (there’s a technique). He ends up eating at a restaurant where he’s confronted by prawns the size of guinea pigs.


The chef visits the town of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, where he learns the art of temple cooking and samples south Indian dish sambar. He then takes a road trip across the Western Ghats to the state of Kerala, where he prepares regional dessert payasam and a traditional pork curry.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rick Stein
Director David Pritchard
Producer David Pritchard