Series 3 - Episode 1



What’s that you say, women? The Fall wasn’t quite scary enough to make you feel unsafe in your own home, especially if you live alone? Well never mind, the opening scenes of a new series of Luther should do the trick. A woman returns to her dark, empty flat and prepares for bed. As this is Luther, one of the more unpleasant and indeed ridiculous of recent cop shows, and not Last Tango in Halifax, you know that this cannot possibly
end well. And it doesn’t.

Cue John Luther (Idris Elba), a mountain of a man who walks the mean streets alone, embarking on yet another hunt for yet another serial killer of women, a nut who strangles then desecrates his victims’ bodies. Meanwhile, a cop with a voice like cascading gravel has come out of retirement in a bid to catch Luther behaving badly.


A twisted fetishist is murdering women in a horrific echo of an unsolved case from the 1980s. Luther is keen that he and his team concentrate all their resources into catching the copycat before he or she strikes again, only for his focus to be divided by a second case involving a malicious internet tormentor found dead in his home. Pulled in every direction, the cop's patience begins to wear thin, so the last thing he needs is to deal with a road accident - until he sets eyes on one of the women involved. Is he finally on the verge of finding love? Crime drama, starring Idris Elba, cwith Warren Brown, Sienna Guillory, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Dermot Crowley.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Luther Idris Elba
DS Justin Ripley Warren Brown
Mary Day Sienna Guillory
Det Supt George Stark David O'Hara
DCI Erin Gray Nikki Amuka-Bird
Det Supt Martin Schenk Dermot Crowley
Benny `Deadhead' Silver Michael Smiley
Emily Hammond Rachel Hankey
Paul Ellis Kevin Fuller
Sean `Beanie' Beamish Shaun Mason
Ken Barnaby Lucian Masamati
Tessa Barnaby Maria Miles
Dani Lane Sasha Behar
Craig Lane Selva Rasalingham
Director Sam Miller
Executive Producer Phillippa Giles
Producer Claire Bennett
Writer Neil Cross
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