Son of the Morning Star

Son of the Morning Star

Series 1 - Episode 1



Part one of two. Historical epic following US army officer George Custer's role in the Indian Plains Wars, and the rise of his eventual nemesis, the Native American war leader Crazy Horse, who was inspired by a vision to lead his people to freedom. As conflicts erupt and treaties are broken, the two men are drawn into a final confrontation at the Little Big Horn. Starring Gary Cole, Rodney A Grant and Rosanna Arquette.

Cast & Crew

George Armstrong Custer Gary Cole
Libby Custer Rosanna Arquette
Crazy Horse Rodney A Grant
Ulysses S Grant Stanley Anderson
Capt William F Benteen David Strathairn
Gen Philip Sheridan Dean Stockwell
Kate Bighead Demina Becker
Major Marcus Reno Michael Medeiros
Director Mike Robe
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