Zero Sum

Series 4 - Episode 21 Zero Sum



A woman is killed by a swarm of killer bees created by the conspiracy. Skinner covers up the death to fulfil the bargain he made with the Cigarette Smoking Man to save Scully's life - but later realises he is being framed for the murder of a police detective.

Cast & Crew

Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis
Marita Covarrubias Laurie Holden
Misty Nagata Nicolle Nattrass
Special agent Kautz Paul McLean
Det Ray Thomas Fred Keating
Dr Peter Valedespino Allan Gray
Jane Brody Lisa Stewart
Dr Emile Linzer Barry Greene
Grey-Haired Man Morris Panych
Director Kim Manners
Writer Frank Spotnitz
Writer Howard Gordon
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