Catching a Killer - Crocodile Tears

Catching a Killer - Crocodile Tears

Saturday 9pm - 10:05pm More4


Tearful TV appeals for help have become part of the language of crime, especially when the victims are young. But sometimes the police persuade people they suspect into making a public appeal to see if they “crack”. This film asks if there are any behavioural clues investigators can look for. Channel 4 news reporter Darshna Soni, who covered the case of the six Philpott children killed in last year’s Derby house fire, recalls the unsettling public tears of their father Mick Philpott, later convicted of manslaughter. And there are interviews with those who worked on the cases of murdered 12-year-old Tia Sharp and teenager Shafilea Ahmed. 


Documentary exploring the phenomenon of `crocodile tears', when individuals attempt to conceal their guilt by making emotional public appeals for information to solve the crimes for which they are responsible. The programme investigates the levels of deception and betrayal involved in a number of high-profile cases, illustrated by lawyer Milton Firman, who gives a first-hand account of how he was convinced by claims of innocence from two parents who were eventually charged with the murder of their daughter.

Cast & Crew

Director Nick London
Executive Producer Steve Anderson
Arts Reality