Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free

Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free

Series 1 - Episode 1



Fancy making an armchair out of a junkyard bath? Tempted to strip that old door and turn it into a headboard? This is the series for you. Kirstie Allsopp believes “the kerbside has become a shopping Mecca” for home-owners who want to upcycle found items into cool furniture, so she sets about transforming people’s rooms for free. It’s a timely idea and there are good tips from Kirstie’s hands-on helpers (“I’ve got a massive passion for wheelbarrows!” proclaims one).

The trouble is the show oversells itself. It’s a very TV idea of “free” that requires unlimited amounts of donated labour, professional design expertise, research, van transport, spray-paint, powertools and time.


Kirstie Allsopp takes over a shop in Glasgow and stocks it with furniture that's been sourced for free. Transforming the items with the assistance of inventor Max McMurdo and artist Lee Baker, she then helps two families furnish their homes in new and unique ways - without it costing a penny. First up are Glasgow couple Harry Blackwood and Gillian Bland, who want a combination of creature comforts and tartan, and first-time buyer Sarah Groszewski, who needs help with her new London home.