Rick Stein's India

Madurai and Lucknow

Series 1 - Episode 6 Madurai and Lucknow

Mon 30 Oct 11am - 12pm Good Food
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Mon 30 Oct, 4pm - 5pm Good Food


Our mildly cantankerous cook describes his journey around India as “the best trip I’ve ever had in filmingland”. Pootling from his waterside bungalow in Kerala to the market, eating locally and watching the house cook making crew lunches seems to have informed him (and thus us) far more than fleeting on-camera encounters with sundry chefs. This last programme is more relaxed than the rest of the series, though Stein still insists on flogging his red herring – the question “what is curry?” – to death.

He meets the first winner of MasterChef India and cooks a farewell meal for friends. And there’s vintage footage of a younger Stein proudly demonstrating an automated stone spice grinder he hauled from India to Padstow years ago.


The chef visits a five-star hotel in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, employing local housewives for genuine home-cooked dishes and samples chettinad chicken, a dish inspired by spices brought back from both East and West by merchants. In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, he meets India's first MasterChef winner, and marks the end of his culinary journey with a small gathering of friends at his bungalow to reveal the outcome of his search for the perfect curry.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rick Stein
Director David Pritchard
Producer David Pritchard