Who Do You Think You Are?

Una Stubbs

Series 10 - Episode 1 Una Stubbs



The choice of Una Stubbs, not the highest-profile celebrity in this series, as the first subject prompted one of my crueller colleagues to wonder whether she had something especially dark or dramatic hidden in her past. Perhaps she was directly related to the royal family or Hitler? She is not, but she does uncover some remarkable coincidences and connections among her ancestors, most of whom had very colourful and interesting lives.

She starts with a major disadvantage, having never met her grandparents or even known their names. She is absolutely baffled why not. Una is delightfully batty throughout, oohing and aahing at every tiny detail and dabbing away the tears as she learns about illegitimacy, adoption and periods in the workhouse. But she does know of one famous person in her family tree – her maternal great-grandfather was the creator of Welwyn Garden City, although she’s never looked into his story either.


Celebrities trace their family trees and uncover facts about their heritage. In the first episode, actress Una Stubbs embarks on a quest to learn about the grandparents she never met. As she delves into their history, she uncovers a surprising connection between her paternal grandfather and the confectionery company she modelled for in the 1950s. Another coincidental link also comes to light - between her forebear's chosen home town of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and the area's founder, Ebenezer Howard.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Una Stubbs
Director Mary Cranitch
Series Producer Colette Flight