Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask

Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask

Series 1 - Episode 1



Hosting knockabout comedy quizzes is a useful sideline for Alexander Armstrong. But despite being the most comfortable host of Have I Got News for You, he doesn’t always strike gold (Best of the Worst, Don’t Call Me Stupid). Maybe this quiz pilot will change his fortunes. Contestants (Robert Webb, Katy Brand and Griff Rhys Jones) gain points for devising a question that will flummox the others, while Dave (Come Dine with Me) Lamb chips in from the “Fact Bunker”.

It’s more Reithian than the average panel show, but the best bits are the detours: Webb goading Armstrong with “I like it when you do your One Show voice”, and Jones looking peeved with a low score for one of his jokes.


Quiz show in which panellists must devise questions as well as answer them. With Robert Webb, Katy Brand and Griff Rhys Jones.