The Lost Orphan: Mirela's Story

The Lost Orphan: Mirela's Story

Series 1



Twelve years ago Natalie Pinkham, now a television presenter, did volunteer work at a Romanian orphanage that housed abandoned children, cruel legacies of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s abortion and contraception bans.

Ever since, she’s been haunted by the smiling picture of one toddler she got to know, little Mirela. Pinkham returns to Romania, hoping to find Mirela, or at least to learn of her fate. It’s a sad, difficult journey that begins beneath Bucharest’s streets in a network of pipes that are “home” to some of the country’s unwanted kids. But when she does find Mirela, it’s clear that this little girl won’t provide the happy ending Pinkham hoped for.


Natalie Pinkham tries to track down a girl she befriended at a Romanian orphanage 12 years previously. With no idea of the child's whereabouts, the presenter seeks advice before travelling to Bucharest, where she discovers how widespread mental health problems are among orphans. Moving on to Slatina, she is reunited with the youngster, and reflects on how the girl's upbringing might have had a detrimental effect on her mental state since the last time they were together.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Colin Moxon
Executive Producer Rory Wheeler