Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Series 1 - Episode 1



Remake of the 1970s drama based on the novel by Andrea Newman. The lives of Peter and Cassie Manson are turned upside down when their daughter Prue reveals she is pregnant by her teacher Gavin Sorenson. As well as Peter's aching fear that he has lost his daughter for ever, he is rocked by the unnerving certainty that Gavin is on a personal mission against him. Starring Trevor Eve, Hermione Norris, Imogen Poots and Tom Riley.

Cast & Crew

Peter Manson Trevor Eve
Cassie Manson Hermione Norris
Prue Sorenson Imogen Poots
Gavin Sorenson Tom Riley
Sarah Francis Jemima Rooper
Giles Harcourt Nicholas Farrell
Richard Goodfellow Adrian Rawlins
Nellie Manson Sylvia Syms
David Manson Pierro Niel-Mee
Monique Ann Ogbomo
Director Ashley Pearce
Producer Kate McKerrell
Writer Guy Andrews
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