The Inn at Whitewell

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Inn at Whitewell



Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s comedy in this series (first shown in 2010) looks so easy, you almost feel it’s cheating. It’s a semi-improvised road movie in which Coogan (or a fictionalised version of him) ropes Brydon (ditto) into a tour of northern restaurants he’s supposedly writing up for a Sunday newspaper. All they do is tease each other over expensive lunches, bicker a bit and do silly voices. How hard can that be? But after a while, you realise there’s more to the banter than meets the eye.


Steve Coogan is commissioned to review half a dozen restaurants for a Sunday newspaper and plans the trip with his American girlfriend - only to face the prospect of a week of meals-for-one after she dumps him. So Steve calls old friend Rob Brydon to accompany him, and the pair find themselves debating the big questions of life over a series of delightful dishes. Improvised comedy in which the stars play versions of themselves, directed by Michael Winterbottom.

Cast & Crew

Steve Steve Coogan
Rob Rob Brydon
Sally Rebecca Johnson
Chloe Elodie Harrod
Polish receptionist Dolya Gavanski
Emma Claire Keelan
Steve's UK agent Justin Edwards
Mischa Margo Stilley
Director Michael Winterbottom
Producer Andrew Eaton
Producer Melissa Parmenter
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