The Judas Tree - Special

The Judas Tree - Special



Quirky crime drama. A housekeeper's assistant working for a celebrated crime writer becomes convinced she is losing her mind following a series of bizarre occurrences in his house. As master of illusion Jonathan and his intrepid sidekick Joey Ross puzzle over the strange events, they realise the mysterious death of a former resident in 1889, who apparently fell victim to the supernatural powers of his Egyptian employee, could hold the key. Starring Alan Davies, Sheridan Smith and guests Natalie Walter, Paul McGann, Sasha Behar and Ian McNeice.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Creek Alan Davies
Joey Ross Sheridan Smith
Mrs Gantry Doreen Mantle
Father Roderick Alberic Ian McNeice
Hugo Dore Paul McGann
Emily Natalie Walter
Harriet Dore Sasha Behar
Adam Klaus Stuart Milligan
Young Emily Florence Hall
Kim Suzanne Ahmet
Selima El Sharad Sofia Hayat
Dr Thadeus Northcote Kevin McGowan
Dr Northcote's wife Amanda Hadingue
Sebastian Tench Felix Dexter
Danny Dore Gregor Henderson-Begg
Frank Osante Marc Small
Old man Sean Buckley
Forewoman Marva Alexander
Clerk Nigel Carrington
Director David Renwick
Executive Producer Pete Thornton
Producer Rosemary McGowan
Writer David Renwick
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