Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Series 2 - Episode 1 Dead

Tuesday 11am - 12pm Sony Channel
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Tuesday, 6pm - 7pm Sony Channel


Goren and Eames' investigation into the murder of an undertaker leads them to discover a field of decomposed corpses. The detectives soon turn their attentions to the owner of a nearby crematorium and his shady relationship with a contract killer. Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe star.

Cast & Crew

Det Robert Goren Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames Kathryn Erbe
Capt James Deakins Jamey Sheridan
ADA Ron Carver Courtney B Vance
Dr Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix
Harry Rowan Jay O Sanders
Russell Matthews Jim Gaffigan
Susan Rowan Tina Benko
Doug Hagman Patrick Garner
Mrs Hagman Leslie Lyles
Scott Calderon Armando Riesco
Fritz Vaughn Philip Goodwin
Director Darnell Martin
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Writer Rene Balcer
Writer Stephanie Sengupta
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