Three Hundred Big Boys

Series 5 - Episode 11 Three Hundred Big Boys



The government hands out a $300 tax rebate to all Earthicans after Zapp Brannigan captures valuable silk artworks from the people of Tarantulon VI. The windfall prompts Fry to buy 100 cups of coffee, Professor Farnsworth to rub stem cells all over himself in a bid to reclaim his youth and Bender to buy burglary tools so he can steal an expensive cigar.

Cast & Crew

Philip J Fry/Prof Farnsworth/Dr Zoidberg Billy West
Leela Katey Sagal
Bender John DiMaggio
Herself Roseanne
Amy Wong Lauren Tom
Hermes Conrad Phil LaMarr
Various Tress MacNeille
Director Swinton O Scott III
Writer Eric Kaplan
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Drama Comedy