What Fresh Hell?

Series 1 - Episode 12 What Fresh Hell?



A girl is abducted from a playground in broad daylight, and the team members initially suspect the victim's father. However, when he provides an alibi, they go looking for clues in the seemingly safe neighbourhood in which the youngster lives. Starring Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson.

Cast & Crew

Jason Gideon Mandy Patinkin
Aaron Hotchner Thomas Gibson
Elle Greenway Lola Glaudini
Derek Morgan Shemar Moore
Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler
Jennifer `JJ' Jareau AJ Cook
Garcia Kirsten Vangsness
Kirk Lomax Time Winters
Martin Jones Kevin Breznahan
Marilyn Copeland Tracey Needham
William Copeland Dwier Brown
Director Adam Davidson
Executive Producer Mark Gordon
Executive Producer Edward Allen Bernero
Writer Judy McCreary
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