The Green Green Grass

One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock

One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock



Christmas special from 2005. The south Londoners' dreams of joining the country set come one step closer when they attend the Royal Agricultural Ball, where they are introduced to titled gentry Rupert and Jonty, who tempt Boycie to invest in a new polo club - and things get even better when they're invited to spend Christmas in St Moritz to finalise the deal. However, before they can set off for the airport, a heavy snowfall traps the family and the staff at the farm for the entire festive season - just as two shady-looking characters arrive on the scene. John Challis and Sue Holderness star.

Cast & Crew

Boycie John Challis
Marlene Sue Holderness
Tyler Jack Doolan
Elgin David Ross
Bryan Ivan Kaye
Mrs Cakeworthy Ella Kenion
Jed Peter Heppelthwaite
Llewellyn Alan David
Danny Driscoll Roy Marsden
Tony Driscoll Christopher Ryan
Tamara Sara Crowe
Lucinda Liz Robertson
Jonty Roger Alborough
Rupert Matthew Marsh
Beth Lisa Diveney
Photographer Jamie Deeks
Sid Roy Heather
Actor Fiona Bruce
Actor Nick Ross
Director Tony Dow
Producer Gareth Gwenlan
Writer John Sullivan
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