Soup and Sausage

Series 7 - Episode 9 Soup and Sausage



The British airmen get stuck down the drain in the village square, and Rene plans to rescue them using an old ice-cream van. As a result, General Von Klinkerhoffen gets more than he bargained for when he decides to buy one of the cool refreshments on sale. Wartime comedy, starring Gorden Kaye.

Cast & Crew

Rene Gorden Kaye
Yvette Vicki Michelle
Edith Carmen Silvera
Michelle Kirsten Cooke
Mimi Sue Hodge
Alfonse Kenneth Connor
Crabtree Arthur Bostrom
Fairfax John D Collins
Carstairs Nicholas Frankau
Gruber Guy Siner
Flick Richard Gibson
Von Smallhausen John Louis Mansi
Helga Kim Hartman
Elsa Bigstern Louise Gold
Von Klinkerhoffen Hilary Minster
Colonel Richard Marner
Bertorelli Roger Kitter
Leclerc Robin Parkinson
Director Mike Stephens
Producer Mike Stephens
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer Paul Adam
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