The Traitor

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Traitor



When several escape attempts are inexplicably thwarted, a traitor is suspected within the ranks. In due course a Polish man is flushed out and sentenced to death by his compatriots. However, Preston and the padre learn he was acting under duress with the Gestapo threatening reprisals on his family, so attempt to intervene for mercy. Jack Hedley and Robert Wagner star.

Cast & Crew

Flt Lt Phil Carrington Robert Wagner
Flt Lt Simon Carter David McCallum
Capt Pat Grant Edward Hardwicke
Lt Col John Preston Jack Hedley
Capt George Brent Paul Chapman
Capt Tim Downing Richard Heffer
PO Peter Muir Peter Penry-Jones
Kommandant Bernard Hepton
Hauptmann Franz Ulmann Hans Meyer
Gen Rawicz Anthony Jacobs
Padre Patrick Troughton
Director Viktors Ritelis
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