My Crazy Christmas Obsession

My Crazy Christmas Obsession

Series 1



First of a two-part documentary about people obsessed with the festive period, beginning by following four American households who take decorations to the extreme, spending huge amounts of money, time and energy on their properties to bring Christmas cheer to their neighbourhoods. In Oklahoma, Shay has 168 trees of all shapes and sizes in her home, festooned with more than 50,000 ornaments and 100,000 fairy lights, while New Jersey couple Charlie and Connie invite their friends and neighbours around on December 1 to watch them turn on a display consisting of 200,000 lights. Jacinta has filled her Kansas house with 5,000 snow people, and Steven and Christy's 13-acre Mississippi property is home to the largest collection of Christmas inflatables in America.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Matt Sharp
Executive Producer Alan Madison
Series Producer Megan Harding