The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

Series 1 - Episode 1



There are some powerful scenes in writer Peter Morgan’s dramatic essay on the destruction of a blameless man’s reputation. But one in particular sticks in the mind. When Bristol landlord and retired teacher Christopher Jefferies is released from custody after his arrest on suspicion of murdering his tenant, 25-year-old Joanna Yeates, he is left alone by a kind friend to read through a pile of newspapers.

Jefferies (played with extraordinary delicacy by Jason Watkins) sees, for the first time, that his life has been filleted then smothered in lurid lies. “Weird Posh Lewd” screams one headline; “The Nutty Professor” shouts another. Jefferies was guilty of nothing, apart from having a curious hairstyle.

The Lost Honour is a frightening contemporary morality tale of the evil that can be done by a howling press pack in full cry, and Watkins is brilliant as a man who is swallowed whole, then spat out.

Concludes tomorrow.


The first of a two-part, fact-based drama, starring Jason Watkins. It's December 2010 and retired teacher Christopher Jefferies finds his life in Bristol turned upside down when the police question him about the disappearance of his young tenant Joanna Yeates, who has gone missing just before Christmas. Her murder then becomes a major news story and the press seize upon Jefferies as a suspect, despite a lack of evidence - with destructive results. With Ben Caplan, Shaun Parkes, Nathalie Armin and Joe Sims.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Jefferies Jason Watkins
Charles Chapman Ben Caplan
Paul Okebu Shaun Parkes
Melissa Chapman Nathalie Armin
DC Paul Connor James Lailey
DC Paul Batty Joe Coen
Janine Anna Maxwell Martin
Greg Reardon Matthew Barker
Joanna Yeates Carla Turner
Vincent Tabak Joe Sims
Tanja Jennifer Higham
Peter Stanley Colin Mace
Susan Flip Webster
Richard Andrew Hilton
Geoffrey Jonathan Newth
Postman Ben Frimstone
Charles and Melissa's daughter Anna Gorham
Charles and Melissa's son Marcus May
Cousin Catherine Kanter
Cousin James Garnon
Police doctor George Potts
Custody officer Howard Coggins
Custody officer Marc Geoffrey
Police officer Sam Ellis
Police officer Stuart McLoughlin
Police officer Charlotte Melia
Police officer Anna-Marie Paraskeva
Police officer Gemma Reynolds
Police officer Darren Seed
Police officer Adam Sopp
Police officer Rachael Spence
Reporter James Garnon
Director Roger Michell
Executive Producer Gareth Neame
Executive Producer Roger Michell
Executive Producer Peter Morgan
Producer Kevin Loader
Writer Peter Morgan
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